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Samantha Pellegrini is our teaching principal who has been at Harrietville PS for two years. She is passionate about small schools and working in rural communities. She teaches 5 days per week in the Senior (Years 3 – 6) Room. Samantha is passionate about achieving the best outcomes for our students and works hard to provide an individualised and enriching program.

Anna Reid is an accomplished teacher and runs an exemplary curriculum program with differentiated learning tasks for each student, according to their individual learning plans. She teaches 5 days per week in the Junior (Prep – Year 2) Room. Anna is fervent about our school going above and beyond to provide the best opportunities for our students.

Kristie Corbett is a highly experienced office manager who provides outstanding support to the school. Her administrative role is vast and varied, and she goes above and beyond her role description.


Katrina Ciolli is our fluent German teacher who, each year, procures a native German assistant to accompany her. Why learn German? German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. Germany has the third strongest economy and is the number one export nation in the world.

Mauro Pellegrini is our knowledgble ICT teacher, keeping us up to date with latest developments in Information and Communication Technologies. In a technology-rich world, students are fortunate to have a specialist in the area.

Anna Buchanan Old is our extremely valued Art (MACC Van) teacher. Anna is a dynamically motivated art teacher providing an excellent Visual Arts program to our students. She inspires the students to creatively explore a variety of styles, mediums and techniques in Art.

Anthony Lawler is our Library/Science (MARC Van) teacher who provides an extra dimension to our staff. Linking Literacy with Science is an innovative approach to teaching and learning.

Joe Davis provides wonderful instrumental music program, teaching students a variety of instruments including the ukulele, guitar, drums and piano/keyboard. Joe teaches 1-1 lessons and has been highly successful in inspiring musical, performance-ready students.

Mica Corscadden is our Dhudhuroa language and culture teacher. Teaching us the words and ways of the Dhudhuroa people.